Are the courses accredited?

Know that accredited distance learning courses are the only ones that can lead you to an academic degree and can have a positive impact on your career prospects through acknowledgement of employers. For these reasons, it is imperative to make sure the distance learning provider you are considering offers courses that are accredited by a recognized accreditation agency, particularly your desired study course.

When the course you intend to take is accredited, you can be assured the program is put in a sensible manner and meets high quality educational standards. It also means you will get a good learning experience out of the course and be able to acquire qualifications to secure a job later on or progress in a career without sacrificing a role if you are currently working.

Does the provider allow for flexibility in taking their courses?

Accreditation aside, it is equally important that the distance learning courses offered by a provider allows for flexibility. As the core of distance learning is to let learners acquire new knowledge and skills at their own convenience, the course and provider you pick should allow you to pursue a degree without getting in the way of your career or other activities. Nevertheless, if you are home-bound or place-bound due to a certain condition, the distance learning course must have flexible arrangements and methods of teaching that will permit you to participate without difficulty.