Proper Course Promotion

It is generally understood that distance learning providers need to promote their courses to attract more students. However, it is also the duty of distance learning providers to protect the interests of existing and would-be students. In this respect, the process of course promotion should be conducted with care. Distance learning providers must ensure that:

  • All advertising and promotional materials, whether used online or offline, contain accurate and complete information.
  • All materials used for publicity clearly contain the complete information of the provider.
  • Where home visits are involved as part of promotion, representatives should be able to present literature to consumers.
  • The said literature should contain complete identification and contact details of the provider and comprehensive and accurate information regarding the services being promoted.
  • Aside from carrying literature, representatives of the distance learning organization should not insist on completing a sale on a single visit. Instead, consumers must be given ample time to assess the services being offered.
  • Consumers should also be given the option not to receive further information regarding the services or be contacted by the provider or its representatives.