As a recognized accrediting body, part of Touchawards’ main responsibility is ensuring that the distance learning providers that have had their courses accredited with us are able to emulate the standards we have set. As such, complaint against providers concerning non-compliance with Touchawards’ standards can be filed to us.

To resolve complaints or disputes, we will carry out a fair and timely investigation against the provider in question. However, we require that reported conditions are well documented so as to prove that they are, in fact, affecting the quality of courses the provider offers, which is considered non-compliance against Touchawards’ standards.

Before filing a complaint for whatever concern is involved, we encourage students to first resolve the issue with the provider. This step will help demonstrate that appropriate action has been taken by the complainant prior to filing a claim with Touchawards. Should the action taken end without compromise, the complaint can be filed to Touchawards in writing. Information included in the written complaint should include reason/s for complaint and name and contact information of the complainant.

Depending on circumstances, we will not disclose the complainant’s identification to the provider, but we will still ask for identifying information as part of our documentation.

Upon acceptance, we will thoroughly review the complaint to determine whether the allegation suggests that the provider did or did not comply with Touchawards’ standards and procedures. If we find that the provider does not demonstrate non-compliance, an investigation will not be carried out.

However, if our review finds the provider is unable to comply with our standards and procedures, we will notify the provider that a complaint has been filed against them and will be given time to provide a response to the issue. We will then review the complaint as well as the provider’s response. If we conclude that the allegations are true and violate Touchawards’ standards and procedures, we will take necessary actions to correct the issue at hand.