Outlining Learning Terms and Conditions

Distance learning providers must ensure that prospective students are made aware of the terms and conditions that are relevant to their desired courses prior to enrollment. This will enable the students to know whether the course is a good fit not only for their skills, but also for their schedules, budget and educational needs.

At the most, the terms and conditions should be clearly written in course prospectus or must be thoroughly discussed by an administrator. The terms and conditions should cover the following:

  • Clear description, objective, and coverage of the course
  • Likely number of hours needed for the completion of the course
  • Total costs of the course, including tuition and miscellaneous fees (i.e. supplemental materials, travel & residential costs, examination fees, etc.)
  • Schedule of payment
  • Refund policy
  • Availability and extent of educational, technical, and administrative support
  • Resources available to the student
  • List of equipment needed by the student to complete the course at home
  • Details on how materials and support will be delivered
  • Timing of face-to-face meeting if there is any
  • Any acknowledgement the student will receive after completing the course offered by the provider.