Listed below are the common questions we receive from students seeking for accredited distance learning providers/courses:

In most cases, accredited courses by Touchawards are made known by their providers by displaying our logo/quality mark. However, if you want to make sure that you will be enrolling in a course accredited by us, you can check our directory of providers offering Touchawards-accredited courses.
Many of our accredited distance learning providers offer financial assistance to students. Some offer them in the form of scholarships, while others provide student loans. In any case, it is best to contact the distance learning provider offering your desired study course and inquire if they have financial assistance programs that you can apply into to complete the course.
Acceptance of credits from Touchawards-accredited providers depends on the college or university you to intend to enroll in. Please note that accreditation from us does not guarantee transfer of credits. As such, we encourage you to check with the college or university first prior to enrolling in a course.

While it is the receiving organization’s (college or university) responsibility to provide you with definitive policies and procedures regarding transfer and acceptance of credits, the providers that have Touchaward-accredited courses should be able to furnish you the documents necessary for the receiving organization to review your performance and make the transition easier.
Yes. Providers with Touchaward-accredited courses are known to deliver quality learning experience to students. As part of their commitment to improve the quality of distance learning, they adhere to the standards we have set and continuously participate in accreditation.

*Cannot find the answers you need? Feel free to contact us so we can give definitive answers to your inquiries.