As it is Touchawards’ commitment to further improve the status and quality of distance learning, we want to make sure that providers applying their courses for accreditation to us are equally dedicated to achieve a certain level of quality for their courses for the betterment of their students. In this respect, the following eligibility requirements must be met:

  • The main method of study implemented by the provider is distance learning.
  • The provider is duly licensed to operate and may award certification of course completion to students by the appropriate governing agency.
  • The provider is financially stable and has sufficient cash flow to support its operations.
  • The provider follows ethical standards in its operations and uses a name that is not associated with any activity that can negatively impact Touchawards’ reputation.
  • The provider exercises non-discrimination in its treatment of learners and staff.
  • The provider maintains and provides access to resources that appropriately support the courses it offers.
  • All the people involved in the operation of the distance learning program, including its owners, board members and administrators, have a consistent record of integrity.