We understand how challenging accreditation can be, particularly for distance learning courses. All too often there are numerous procedures to undertake as well as requirements to meet. Touchawards aims to make the process straightforward. This is why we have streamlined our accreditation to ensure your courses get the recognition they deserve in no time. Take these 5 easy steps to get your courses accredited.

  1. Application Form Completion. You can download an application form on the page of the corresponding accreditation service you have chosen. Make sure to fill out all required fields for your application to be processed.
  2. Evaluation and Feedback. Once you have submitted your application, we will process it and give you an invoice. Give us at least (insert number of days here) to review your course and provide you a feedback. Some applications may take us longer to process as we sometimes have to consult outside experts and wait for their feedback as well.

    When you get a feedback from us, be sure to address the areas that need improvement. Should you require support and guidance in making the necessary adjustments to your courses, someone in our team is on hand to help you.

    Take note that an “accreditation validation” will be sent to you once you have made the necessary changes on your courses following the given feedback. Check the said validation for accuracy prior to resending it to us.
  3. Learners’ Registration. Part of our accreditation process involves ensuring prospective learners are qualified for the courses they have applied in. For you and for us to easily keep track, register the names and other details of your learners on Touchawards’ website right after enrollment.
  4. Monitoring Through Visitations. An assessor will be assigned to verify that you adhere to and maintain the Touchawards standards and review the progress of students. Visits are done twice a year, though additional visits can be requested for a minimal fee.
  5. Course Completion Certification. Once a course has been certified by us, we will provide certificates to successful students who have completed the accredited training course. Simply file a certificate form and we will process the certificates and deliver them to you the following day.